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1.) Good morning, George, how are you?

Quite well, thank you Zach. I'm rather upset with some local goings ons of late. Or at least, the rumors of such that have made it to my ears. I'm going to be furthering my investigation, and praying that what I heard was, indeed, just gossip. Else I fear drastic measures will be taken.

2.) Have you ever been in a thrift shop or "creative living" store that sells really old books and coins and trinkets and maybe even furniture?

I believe I kidnapped you for a day and dragged you to one. Remember, I bought a funny hat. So yes. 

3.) If so, did you buy anything? If not, what's your favorite instrument?

Haaaaaaaaaaaat. And some books. (That one about angels turned out to be about vampires and it was really good. The romance scenes were really stupid though. I had to stop and laugh. Twice.)  And a stuffed gorilla.
Violin. I can't play a violin, but it's the sexiest instrument. It can sound heart-wrenchingly sad, or so elated you just cant help but smile. And some people can fiddle on a violin. 

4.) Do you have a Reichenbach Fall theory? If so, share whatever you so please. ^-^ If not, do you like pickles?

Yes. But I think it's been proven quite incorrect by now. 
You remember it though. It had to do with Molly and the Mycroft Fairies.
I like them on a hamburger but not outside of that.

5.) Can you yodel?

I can scream like a Nazgul and roar like a bear. Which is not related at all to the question.

6.) At the moment, are you hyper or tired? Maybe just neutral?

Ridiculously tired. And I feel rather evil today. 

7.) I've suddenly contracted amnesia, and I can't remember who you are! Could you remind me?

:makes Perry the platypus noise:
:draws Loki:
:flips up collar on Sherlock coat:
:sings in elvish:
:holds up the Ta'al Vulcan gesture:
:flys off on a broom stick:

8.) What's your favorite place on the internet? 

Hm... Probably Tumblr, AO3, and Etsy. But I'm staying off of Tumblr till we get Sherlock in America. 
Lately it's Etsy. I love fantasy shopping and filling my cart with things I want to draw.

9.) How desperate are you, that you call upon such lost creatures to defend you?

That's my line. 

10.) You're suddenly alone in your house, and you realize you can secretly belt out any song like the latest Broadway diva. What song do you choose?

Do You Wanna Build a Snow Man, Let It Go, Wicked (the whole thing), The Pokemon Theme song, Phantom of the Opera, StarTrek/ Superhero music themes, Be Prepared, and Zira's Lullaby.
And I'll dance on the stairs or run through the rooms and gesticulate wildy for everything.


Sarah Elizabeth
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm friendly. If you have a question or request, ask me!

I'm a born, raised, and proud Texan. And yes, I do say Howdy and Y'all on a daily basis. :D

Favourite genre of music: Doesn't matter. If I like the song, I don't care what genre.
Favourite style of art: All types.
Favourite cartoon character: Snoopy and Calvin and Hobbes!
Personal Quote: Golf is a Zen sport. There is no shot but the current shot.


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